We are feverishly working on our curriculum to bring the high quality online classes you expect from us, at Cupping Dynamix. We are excited to offer and share our courses in a format that is accessible to everyone! Be on the lookout for these classes, and many more, offered by the end of Fall 2019!

  • Chinese Medical Theory for Western Therapists

  • The Simple Uses of Moxabustion

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Cupping - Level 1 - non-fire application

  • The Basic 12 Meridians of Chinese Medicine

  • The Extraordinary Meridians of Chinese Medicine

  • Ethics of using Chinese Medical Principles in your Western practice (meets OR board requirement for Ethics)

  • Therapeutic use of oils and linaments with Cupping and Gua Sha

  • Ethics and safety of Cupping and Gua Sha for LMTs (meets OR board requirement for Ethics)