"Where ancient tradition meets modern medicine"


Who we are…

Kellie Chambers, L.Ac. and Amber Wodtli, LMT have combined experience of over 25 years in Holistic health and bodywork. Their passion for facilitating the use of natural remedies, movement, meditation, and bodywork to promote and stimulate health and wellness is evident in their practice. They both ventured into teaching Cupping therapies over 10 years ago. Their passion for the art of cupping led them to create advanced training for other health care professionals on how to integrate Cupping therapy into their own practices. They were introduced to each other in 2012, while teaching at Central Community College in Bend, OR. As respected colleagues, they quickly became friends and realized that by collaborating, their workshops would be far more beneficial.  Uniquely, Cupping Dynamix focuses both on Eastern and Western perspectives of Cupping Therapies; Kellie from her Chinese medicine and acupuncture background and Amber from her sports, medical, therapeutic massage background. It was at this time that Cupping Dynamix was formed and the concept of an interactive, dynamic, fun hands-on workshop was built from the philosophy where ancient tradition meets modern medicine. Our classes are NCBTMB certified.

Level 1 morning lecture at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, OR

Level 1 morning lecture at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, OR

our Mission…

Our mission is to inspire life-long learning and advanced knowledge in Therapeutic Cupping and Gua Sha. Cupping Dynamix integrates ancient tradition with modern medicine and thrives on creating a passionate, interactive learning environment. We strive for excellence and quality instruction in every course, providing detailed information and hands-on training in a fun and supportive environment.

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I would highly recommend this class to everyone for the purpose of personal healing as well as to enhance your skill and treatment with patients. The instructors are very knowledgeable and supportive. I look forward to taking future classes from Cupping Dynamix.
— Rachel, PT/CPT - Portland OR
The instructors were very knowledgeable. I was amazed how supportive and positive they were and the hands-on feedback was great!
— Angie M, LMT
“This was the best class! Very informative with knowledgeable instructors. I would highly recommend this class to anyone. ”