Glass Cups

Glass Cups

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Glass cups require the use of fire to create negative pressure by pulling out the oxygen, and are considered more of an art form in achieving a more consistent specific pressure. One can get a much stronger suction with glass cups, resulting in the deeper negative pressure that is to be used for stationary cupping only. However, the versatility of glass cups offers a smooth and seamless glide when using lite to medium suction.

Weighing more than silicone, the ease of traveling with glass cups is less than that of silicone cups and are therefore more suited for in-office practices. Some worry that glass cups will break more easily, however we have done many drop tests from waist height onto hard flooring and have never once had one break on us!

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Disclaimer: Cups are sold individually, not in pairs, and are pictured as both front and bottom view for reference only. Weights are approximate and rounded up to nearest ounce to best insure your product gets to you on time.