Gua Sha - Ceramic Spoons

Gua Sha - Ceramic Spoons



  • White - $3.00

  • Black - $3.00

  • Design - $3.00


Being the most economical and versatile of Gua Sha tools, spoons offer several different edges to use. From the sharper, tapered end of the handle to the more blunt and wide lip of the spoon, they offer multiple options in one. Already designed for holding in ones’s hand, spoons tend to be easier to get a firm hold on while using them in conjunction with oil.

*Please see disclaimer below.

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Disclaimer: Ceramic spoons with designs are unique unto themselves and each is different than the next, meaning they will differ from the one pictured. We can not confirm or guarantee the design of the designed spoons prior to shipping. Weights and sizes are approximate. Weight of items is rounded up to nearest ounce to best insure your product gets to you on time.