Silicone Cups

Silicone Cups

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  • Small Pair - $8.00

  • Medium Pair - $10.00

  • Large Pair - $16.00

  • Set, Two of Each Size - $30.00


Silicone cups are best for the practitioner on-the-go, providing a negative pressure by squeezing. The silicone combines a durable lighter weight option over the traditional glass cups.

Silicone tends to be welcomed more readily in many employers, practitioners, and clients alike, due to the possible of fire hazard and liability that can come with using the glass cups for fire cupping.

Since silicone cups can be easily applied, removed, and reapplied, they make for good starter cups for someone just learning cupping and the delicate balance of too-much, not-enough, and juuuuust right negative pressure.

*Please see disclaimer below.

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Disclaimer: Cups are sold in pairs or sets only. Weights are approximate and rounded up to nearest ounce to best insure your product gets to you on time.